With over 20 years of landscaping experience, EPAR devotes its know-how to the management of green spaces. From earthwork to the creation of landscaping masterpieces, we make all aspects of outdoor design our business.

That is why we recently cemented a partnership with Entreprises Laurent Godon. EPAR now has experience in landscaping all the while mastering the planning of public lighting projects as an expression of urban life.

Our team of professionals will be with you throughout the entire process from the creation to the completion of your projects.

Initiating the latest trends
to 3D mosaiculture
Uniting the arts of sculpting, painting and horticulture
grand-galerie-photo-1 grand-galerie-photo-2
Marrying blossom colouring
with foliage shapes
Centre Lachenaie
grand-galerie-photo-3  centre_lachenaie
 Centre Lachenaie  Centre Lachenaie
centre_lachenaie2 centre_lachenaie3
 Centre Lachenaie Costco Lachenaie
centre_lachenaie4 costco_lachenaie
Costco Lachenaie Domaine Lapinière – Terrebonne
costco_lachenaie2 DomaineLaPinière_Terrebonne
Domaine Lapinière – Terrebonne Domaine Lapinière – Terrebonne
DomaineLaPinière_Terrebonne2 DomaineLaPinière_Terrebonne3
Domaine Lapinière – Terrebonne Faubourg Boisbriand
DomaineLaPinière_Terrebonne4  Faubourg_Boisbriand
 Faubourg Boisbriand  Faubourg Boisbriand
 Faubourg_Boisbriand2  Faubourg_Boisbriand3
 Faubourg Boisbriand  Marché Central
 Faubourg_Boisbriand4  fontaine_marche_central